MPT Series2

The MPT Series2 motion tracking and capture system is exceptionally compact and portable.  Single camera operation and factory calibration minimizes setup time.  Automatic marker identification results in high quality data produced quickly.


MPT Motion Capture Features:

  • Ease of use
    • Portable with rapid setup, due to single-camera operation
    • Fully  automatic measurement of position and  orientation of each MPT marker
    • Up  to  256  MPT  motion  markers  automatically  and  uniquely  identified  in  each  image, operator supervision not required
    • No  tether  to  markers,  fully  non‐contact measurement
    • Measurements  reported  in  MPT  Camera  or  in Laboratory coordinate frame
  • Accuracy
    • XYZ +/‐ 1:2500 of measurement distance
    • Orientation: +/‐ 0.05 degrees (1)
  • Sensitivity
    • XYZ +/‐ 0.2 mm at 2.5 meters
    • Orientation: +/‐ 0.01 degrees (1)
    • (1) Exceptional accuracy and sensitivity for angles
  • Large measurement volume
    • 2.0×2.0x4.0 meter translations (65mm marker)
    • 120°x120°x360 degree rotations
  • Flexible operation in many environments
    • Indoor / Outdoor
    • Artificial light or natural light
    • Exceptionally robust image processing, false positive rate is measured to be less than one per billion sampled image points