Motion Capture

 MC 40180

Moiré Phase Tracking System for Motion Capture
Moiré  Phase Ttracking  (MPT)  is  a  single‐camera  3D
motion  capture  technology  that  can  capture
positions  and  orientations  (X,  Y,  Z  and  pitch,  roll,
yaw) of up to 256 markers simultaneously.

MPT Motion Capture Features:

  • Ease of use
    • Portable with rapid setup, due to single-camera operation
    • Fully  automatic measurement of position and  orientation of each MPT marker
    • Up  to  256  MPT  motion  markers  automatically  and  uniquely  identified  in  each  image, operator supervision not required
    • No  tether  to  markers,  fully  non‐contact measurement
    • Measurements  reported  in  MPT  Camera  or  in Laboratory coordinate frame
  • Accuracy
    • XYZ +/‐ 1:2500 of measurement distance
    • Orientation: +/‐ 0.05 degrees (1)
  • Sensitivity
    • XYZ +/‐ 0.2 mm at 2.5 meters
    • Orientation: +/‐ 0.01 degrees (1)
    • (1) Exceptional accuracy and sensitivity for angles
  • Large measurement volume
    • 2.0×2.0x2.0  meter translations (65mm marker)
    • 120°x120°x360 degree rotations
  • Flexible operation in many environments
    • Indoor / Outdoor
    • Artificial light or natural light
    • Exceptionally  robust  image  processing,  false positive rate is measured to be  less than one per billion sampled image points

The complete product brochure can be found here.

MC 40180