Beyond The Studio
Beyond The Studio
Field Trials
360-Degree Outdoor
Motion Capture

This article shows how Metria's MPT Series 2 system can gather data without being confined indoors.

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  MRI Brain Atlas
Metria Contributes to Highest Resolution Scan of Human Brain
Metria’s technology helped researchers at Otto-von-Guericke University in Germany achieve the highest resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of a whole living (in vivo) human brain to date.

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Mobile Devices
Thesis Demonstrates 3D Motion Tracking on Mobile Device
A graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee published a thesis that demonstrates 3D motion tracking is possible on smart phones. This new approach would cause a change in the motion capture industry. 

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  Monitoring Buildings in 3D
Monitoring Buildings and
Structures in 3D

The construction industry relies on the structural integrity of its projects. 3D technology allows the user to digitally recreate the structure and help supply data about the building's stability.

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Raspberry Pi Platform
Metria Develops Raspberry Pi Platform Concept
Raspberry Pi is a very small and inexpensive computer that allows anyone to learn programming so they can begin building projects from their own creative ideas. Connecting a Raspberry Pi device to a Metria camera system gives users access to simplistic yet meticulously accurate 3D motion capture data.

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Optical Motion Capture System for Riggers

This article describes how Metria technology can be used during animation and rigging process to speed up overall production time.



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