Medical Technology
Medical Technology

While an MRI scan is not a painful procedure, it can be difficult to get entirely clear and accurate results.  The patient is required to lie perfectly still for the entire duration of the scan, which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 2+ hours.  Even the slightest movement can cause distortion and affect the quality of the MRI, leading to issues like false-positive results and misdiagnosis.  Individuals who are claustrophobic, anxious, have involuntary muscle spasms, etc., pose serious challenges, and are more likely to produce poor scans.  



The MPT – High Field answers a solution to this problem, as it provides the capability to accurately and rapidly track the movements in a high magnetic field environment.  This technology can allow for more accurate MRI results by the following…  


  • Provides both positional information and orientation with high sensitivity of measurements  

  • Uses camera-lighting units, miniature motion tracking markers, and Bolt II tracking and measurement platforms to create accurate results  

  • Delivers quick and precise images by tracking up to 4 markers at 84 measurements per second  

  • Operates on single camera 3D motion tracking technology    



At Metria Innovation, Inc., we can help to create accurate, measurable, and definable MRI scans with the use of MPT – High Field, allowing for healthcare professionals to decrease their degree of error in interpretation and diagnosis. 



More than a dozen MRI machines throughout the US, Europe, and Japan already use this MPT tracking system to improve their MRI images, and it is also being considered for use in image guided surgery.  Click to learn more! 

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