3D Animation
3D Animation

Motion capture for 3D animation can be a tricky process. Multi-camera systems with specialized suits can be complicated to set up. Capturing motion outdoors can be difficult or impossible, and studio time can be expensive. Suits or wire-connected markers may even prevent your actors from moving the exact ways you need them to. So what's an animator to do?   

Picture this:  

  • A system that can go anywhere you can, allowing you to ditch the studio, get out in the real world, and collect the most natural data possible. 
  • Wireless markers that allow your actors to enjoy untethered movement without the constricting suits covered in sensors. 
  • A factory-calibrated camera that finds the markers automatically whether you're in a field or forest, park or parking lot, or anywhere in between, without occlusion becoming an issue. 
  • MoCap software that translates the motion into highly-accurate position & orientation data that can be used with your preferred animation program.

That’s how we can help you collect organic, accurate data for your creations. Learn how our MPT Series 2 system can make capturing 3D motion easier and more reliable.


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3D Animation

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