How We Stack Up
How We Stack Up

Want to know the benefits of our MPT Series 2 system compared to other 3D motion capture systems? Check out the table below.


  Metria MPT Series 2  Vicon
Bonita 10
Phoenix Technologies, Inc.
 PhaseSpace Impulse X2 Northern Digital Inc.
Optotrak Certus

No Yes Yes Yes

Automatic Marker Calibration

Yes No Yes No  Yes

 Tether-less Markers

Yes No No No No
Indoor/Outdoor Use

Yes Yes No Yes No
180 fps

250 fps N/A Up to 960 fps 4600 fps
 Measurement Volume
2m x 2m x 2m

4m x 4m 190m x 190m x
50' x 50' 4.2m x 3m x


No  No  Yes



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3D Animation

Industrial Ergonomics
  Sports Bio Mechanics
  Medical Technology

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