Industrial Ergonomics
Industrial Ergonomics

The objective of industrial ergonomics is to reduce and prevent the actuality of stress, injuries, and musculoskeletal disorders developed in the workplace.  In order to get ahead of these issues, research and analysis on the subject matter is vital in order to develop a greater understanding of how best to incorporate workplace behavior and performance into design and operations.



Using 3D motion tracking software can be used to develop and integrate such safer techniques.  The Moiré Phase Tracking (MPT) uses an innovative, patented approach to 3D motion tracking found in no other system.  It can allow for motion tracking to improve the developments in industrial ergonomics by the following…


  • Goes deeper than traditional simulation to lessen the risk of injury and raise the quality of worker production

  • Clearly defines and represents complex tasks to pinpoint discrete issues

  • Delivers superior results and is more reliable than custom methods

  • Allows worker interaction and observation without interference from cords, multiple cameras, bulky suits, etc.

  • Delivers quick and accurate results for data analysis



At Metria Innovation, Inc., we can help to make the workplace a safe and unthreatening environment.  With the MPT technology, solutions can be made and new standards can be enforced.

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