motion capture market trends
Motion Capture Market Trends Motion capture — the process of recording movements of objects or people, and then translating the recording into actionable data — has an increasing amount of applications now that businesses, animators, researchers, and consumers are looking for opportunities to automate everyday processes to increase their efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

According to a MarketsAndMarkets report, the 3D motion capture system market is expected to reach $142.5 million globally by 2020. There are several product features driving market growth through new uses and applications, including:

  • High-quality animation in minimal time- Real-time data with exceptional spatial and temporal accurac
  • Ability to capture complex and realistic physical movement
  • Reduction in the price of 3D motion capture system maintenance
  • A shift toward markerless motion capture technology among filmmakers, video game developers, and animators

Metria Innovation has developed a revolutionary system for 3D motion capture where unique moiré phase tracking (MPT) wire-free markers communicate position and orientation to a single camera. This highly-engineered camera system is compact enough to be stored in a closet and so easy to use it can be taken out and set up moments before data is captured, no matter the location. Following is how the MPT Series 2 and MPT High Field camera systems address current market needs. 

High-quality animation in minimal time

One of the primary motivators for using 3D motion capture is to speed up the development cycle for complex 3D CGI characters for film, television, or video games. The MPT Series 2 camera system combines high-quality capture data, a simple interface, and the portability to be passed from desk to desk. This gives animation teams the ability to create rigged characters that are ready for performance capture the first time and rapidly emulate sophisticated motion to reduce rework delays and costs. 

Real-time data with exceptional spatial and temporal accuracy

Each MPT marker provides measurement data for position (X, Y, and Z) at an accuracy better than 1.0 mm and orientation (Pitch, Yaw, and Roll) at an industry-leading accuracy of better than 0.05 degrees. The MPT Series 2 and MPT High Field camera systems have an angular accuracy up to 30 times better than comparable multi-camera systems. In MPT low-level image processing, when a marker is detected in an image and analyzed, no pixel from outside the image of the marker plays a role in any processing. So ambient light or scene clutter that can confuse conventional 3D systems is a non-issue.

Ability to capture complex and realistic physical movement

The MPT system can track full 3-D measurement from a single camera with extreme accuracy capable of detecting hip, knee, and ankle rotations in all three planes. Up to 256 markers can be tracked simultaneously. Metria’s MPT Series 2 camera system has been used by biomechanics and kinesiology researchers to identify risks of injury in the workplace, enhance performance in athletes, and determine the source of balance issues in chemotherapy patients

Reduction in the price of 3D motion capture system maintenance

Metria’s system is factory-calibrated. A simple room registration is all that is needed to start using the MPT system, no matter how long it has been sitting idle. It also is self-contained and can be set up in minutes, both indoors and outdoors. Motion capture technology has opened new doors for digital animation, virtual reality, and the life sciences. 

Free yourself from endless wires, piles of equipment, limiting controlled environments, and hours of hand correction of data. Contact us about MPT today.  

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