Metria Develops Raspberry Platform Concept
Metria Develops Raspberry Pi Platform Concept Today’s society is all about doing things better, faster, smarter and less expensively. This mindset is inspiring many people without programming expertise to become digital innovators and problem solvers. Computer programming is not just for professionals anymore, but is becoming a standard skill for students and a growing interest for novice adults of all ages. Raspberry Pi is a great example of a new tool that is giving power to the people, and pairing it with Metria MPT 3D motion capture systems can drastically broaden the innovation potential.   

Raspberry Pi is a very small and inexpensive computer that allows anyone to learn programming so they can begin building projects from their own creative ideas. Connecting a Raspberry Pi device to a Metria camera system gives users access to simplistic yet meticulously accurate 3D motion capture data.    

Metria camera systems use Moire PhaseTracking — a 3D tracking technology based on optical moiré patterns – which makes the camera system easy to use and highly accurate. The factory-calibrated camera automatically identifies each motion marker, removing the need for extensive setup and hand correction of data. The MPT Series 2 system is small and easily portable for motion capture anywhere.   

The engineers at Metria tested and validated a conceptual MPT camera system on a Raspberry Pi platform. A 1-megapixel camera can track three 65 mm markers at 45 frames per second with the same accuracy, ease of use, and portability of the 4-megapixel Series 2 system.    

With a Raspberry Pi–Metria MPT platform, the sky is the limit on using motion detection to trigger measurement in both stand alone and embedded computer applications. For example, when motion is detected on a placed marker, the system can turn on a hidden security camera, waken an interactive advertising screen, or even fire a toy air gun.   

Innovators can create animation and movement simulation used for apps, games, robots, engineering and industrial design. When the camera finds the motion markers, it can create simulations instantly. Metria’s motion capture software provides immediate feedback to a graphical user interface to make marker adjustments right away, which avoids the need for recapturing later.   

Embedded software translates the motion into highly-accurate position and orientation data that can be used for a wide range of creative projects for hobbies and industry. The data can be used to build a robot with realistic human movement, test operator ergonomics on a manufacturing machine prototype, or create a game that uses lifelike moving characters.   

Collecting organic, accurate motion data with a Metria camera system empowers Raspberry Pi users to create instantaneous and lifelike action easily and quickly. This new solution is making programming and digital creation accessible to everybody.   


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