Moiré Phase Tracking
Moiré Phase Tracking Moiré Phase Tracking (MPT) uses an innovative, patented approach to 3D motion tracking found in no other system. Our unique MPT technology provides true 3D measurement using a single camera in cooperation with highly-engineered markers. Each marker provides accurate measurement data for position (X, Y, and Z) and orientation (Pitch, Yaw, and Roll). Accuracy for position is better than 1.0mm at 2.5 meters with class leading orientation accuracy of better than 0.05 degrees for marker pitch, yaw, and roll. MPT has angular accuracy up to 30 times better than comparable multi-camera systems.

The figure to the left illustrates all three MPT marker features and shows how the moiré patterns change appearance with only a few degrees of marker rotation.   

Moiré patterns provide true 3D with a single camera. The white and black triangles (bordering the four white circles) on the perimeter provide a unique marker ID.

How It Works

Our calibrated tool makes tracking 3D motion easy. Once the tool is placed in the environment in which you're tracking motion, the camera will automatically recognize all other markers. The camera is designed to "see" through any clutter in the area and find the markers in their entirety, giving you uninterrupted and extremely accurate results. The moiré patterns on the markers allow the camera to track their movement to minute levels. To avoid data mix-ups, each marker has a unique binary ID so they can be individually tracked. Up to 256 markers can be placed and identified for tracking in a single scene. 

Our MoCap software turns the moiré patterns' motion into quantifiable position and orientation data. This data can then be used in 3D animation software, ergonomics programs, or any other application that requires 3D motion data. 

This shows that even small movements in the orientation are amplified by the changes in the moiré patterns, leading to extremely accurate orientation data independent of marker-camera separation.

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MPT Series 2 Markers Video


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