DragonPHY - Physical Therapy

Finally!  A true research-grade 3D gait system designed for PT clinics.

This easy and fast system will revolutionize gait assessments for performance athletes as well as patients with joint replacement, osteoarthritis and all types of gait related issues.

  • Compact system sits behind any treadmill
  • Only 8 markers for fast patient setup
  • Full 3D visualization and data from any perspective - higher accuracy than large multi-camera systems
  • 10-minutes to a comprehensive gait assessment
  • First normative database of healthy subjects of similar height, weight, age and sex
  • Biofeedback mode - set the system to monitor the patient and provide haptic, visual or audio feedback

Physical therapy clinics can maximize revenue while boosting patient outcomes through advanced evidence-based reports and training sessions with progress reporting.

Did you know?

We recently surveyed 250 PT's at the 2017 APTA Combined Sections meeting and learned:

  • 95% favor evidence-based equipment and reporting
  • 75% believe that quality equipment increases the chance patients attend all their sessions
  • 83% report that equipment with progress reporting will increase patient visits
  • 50% of gait related therapies already involve use of a treadmill
  • Gait related therapies account for roughly 25% of all cases



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