MPT - High Field
MPT - High Field

MPT High Field, offers the ease of use, flexibility, and accuracy of the MPT Series 2 camera system in a compact format for medical equipment and environments with high magnetic fields. MPT High Field makes it possible to track motion during imaging procedures and other assessments.



·         MPT High Field camera lighting unit

·         Four miniature MPT motion tracking markers

·         Bolt II tracking and measurement platform


Ease of Use

Once the markers are placed in the environment in which motion data is being collected, the camera will automatically recognize and track all markers individually and reliably, without any need for hand-correction of the data.  

Streaming measurements in real time

The system is capable of tracking up to four markers in real time at 84 measurements per second.

Each measurement contains:

  • Marker position (X, Y, and Z) with an accuracy better than 0.1 mm
  • Marker orientation (Pitch, Yaw, and Roll) with an accuracy better than 0.05 degrees
  • Statistical information including frame number, frame time, and trigger pulse feedback  


Independent Use

Metria directly offers MPT High Field technology for all non-integrated uses, including real-time motion tracking for biofeedback, subject monitoring, post-processing, and subject motion characterization.


Interested in learning more? Click here to download our MPT High Field specification sheet.

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