MPT - Markers
MPT - Markers The revolutionary development in our 3D motion tracking system is the MPT tracking marker. MPT markers are highly-engineered and contain multiple visual elements that together yield robust, accurate measurement. MPT markers include:
  • A central Starburst landmark that is detected using properties that are consistent under scale, tilt, and lighting changes. The Starburst landmark is reliably detected in complex or naturally-lit scenes.
  • Moiré patterns used in a patented analysis that yield an angular resolution of better than 0.05 degrees for marker pitch, yaw and roll.
  • A binary coded ID, allowing each marker to be automatically and uniquely identified.

MPT markers are available in a variety of sizes suitable for different applications:

  • 12mm x 12mm
  • 15mm x 15mm
  • 20mm x 20mm
  • 33mm x 33mm
  • 44mm x 44mm
  • 55mm x 55mm
  • 65mm x 65mm

 Explore Applications 

3D Animation

Industrial Ergonomics
  Sports Bio Mechanics
  Medical Technology

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