Metria Contributes to Highest Resolution Scan of Human Brain
Metria Contributes to Highest Resolution Scan of Human Brain Metria’s technology helped researchers at Otto-von-Guericke University in Germany achieve the highest resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of a whole living (in vivo) human brain to date. The anatomical data from the scan can be used to build an in vivo brain atlas. This atlas will improve methods for image reconstruction and image restoration, enhance pre-processing and segmentation procedures, assess quantitative data analysis such as cortical thickness or volumetric measures, and potentially illustrate parts of the brain either for the first time or in much greater detail.  

Regardless of how advanced MRI scanners have gotten with power and image quality, a scan is only as good as the patient’s ability to hold still. Even moving a few millimeters during an hour of scan time can limit the effective resolution of the imaging.   

The research team at Otto-von-Guericke University used Metria’s moiré phase tracking (MPT) motion capture system to track motion in real-time and collect biofeedback through the length of the scan. Metria’s MPT-High Field camera system is a compact format designed for capturing motion in environments with high magnetic fields.   

A single Metria marker was attached to a mouthpiece to track motion at 80 frames per second along six degrees of freedom. The precision and accuracy of the motion capture system enabled researchers to detect any movement, including microscopic and involuntary motion from heart beat or respiration.   

Precise biofeedback with MPT technology allows the true resolution of the MR scanner to be realized.   Read the full paper, which was published by Scientific Data, here.

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