360 Degree Outdoor Motion Capture
360-Degree Outdoor Motion Capture The Metria MPT Series 2 System’s factory calibration, unique marker identification, and single camera operation make it easy to use in any location. So when the Metria engineering team wanted to test the system’s capability of creating a 360-degree whole-body capture, it was only natural that we perform the test outdoors.   

Our goal was to collect all measurement data for an entire human by capturing the motion of a whole person, head to toe, front to back. Seamless execution of this task would drastically cut down the time 3D animators spend building skeletal models for their characters to mere minutes.   

Since we needed four MPT Series 2 cameras to capture whole body measurement, we took the system outdoors and simultaneously tested for marker occlusion due to the reflection of sunlight.   

Four cameras were set up in a square, pointing toward the center. Our subject, Sara, was outfitted with markers from head to toe. We conducted a series of captures to collect a set of 3D measurements for every marker. We also captured video of Sara as she performed the movement.   

A co-registration capability enabled all cameras and markers to automatically work together as one unit. Our software program auto-combined the data from all four cameras to each marker, creating a super set of data. We then took that cluster of markers and distilled it down to the point where it became an active skeletal model ready for a character build. We also concluded that sunlight does not impact the accuracy and identification of the MPT markers.   

Check out a side-by-side comparison of the rendering and the video below.

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