Paul Hartung
Paul Hartung

Paul Hartung

Business Advisory Board Member

Paul has a long, proven track record as a life sciences and technology executive with extensive leadership experience in financing, operations and business development in the technology and medical device industries.  He has launched successful startup businesses (Cognoptix, Summit, Winphoria) and led Fortune 500 organizations (GE, 3Com, Motorola).  As Chairman, President and CEO of Cognoptix, he recently developed a novel eye scan for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.   Paul is on the Board of Medical Development Group (MDG Boston), a non-profit educational and professional development organization, and on the Advisory Board for Techubator, a start-up accelerator. He serves as a mentor for entrepreneurs at MIT VMS. He graduated from MIT with an MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors, and holds a number of patents and publications.
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