Why Metria?


Our MPT 3D motion capture systems are distinguished from any other on the market by six features:

  1. Unique MPT markers
  2. True six-degree (position & orientation) measurement from a single camera
  3. Portable camera & setup
  4. Automatic, factory calibration
  5. Extreme accuracy - accurate angular measurements
  6. Robust identification of markers in a cluttered environment

These features make our motion capture systems among the most simplistic while still remaining meticulous accuracy. 

What You'll Get

Each MPT 3D motion capture system comes with:

  • Standard motion capture camera
  • MoCap software CD/download with GUI
  • Network cable
  • 1 marker on automatic calibration tool
  • 10 additional markers in the size of your choice
  • Training and support
  • One-year warranty

Our systems are typically delivered 90 days after purchase.

 Explore Applications 

3D Animation

Industrial Ergonomics
  Sports Bio Mechanics
  Medical Technology

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