The perception of motion and non-verbal communication is vital for synergy and successful interaction between humans and robots. By using motion tracking, a robot has the potential to infer human decision making based on a person’s kinetic motion and appearance over a period of time.  3D motion tracking software can be used to develop and integrate such concepts.

The Moiré Phase Tracking (MPT) uses an innovative, patented approach to 3D motion tracking found in no other system.  It can allow for motion tracking to improve the developments in robotics by achieving the following…

  • Clearly defines and replicates movements for motion modeling and imitation

  • Presents the ability to easily track dynamic, kinematic, and action movement on both a large and small scale

  • Translates captured movements to perform functional testing and calibration

  • Allows interaction and observation without interference from cords, multiple cameras, bulky suits, etc.

  • Delivers superior data results and is more reliable than custom methods

  • Provides quick and accurate results for data analysis




At Metria Innovation, Inc., we can assist in the growth and development of the robotics industry.  With our MPT technology, advancements in the field are evident and easier to achieve.

 Explore Applications 

3D Animation

Industrial Ergonomics
  Sports Bio Mechanics
  Medical Technology

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