Sports Bio Mechanics
Sports Bio Mechanics

The human body is complex, making studying its movement a process that requires precise measurements. These aren’t always easy to come by when you’re trying to help athletes heal an injury or improve their performance. Motion capture systems can’t always collect accurate data in any environment or allow an athlete to move normally. You need a system that:  

  • Tracks the 6 measures of true position with submillimeter, sub-degree accuracy.
  • Makes it easy for you to pinpoint problem areas in an athlete’s form with just a few markers attached to them during practice.
  • Uses wireless markers that enable athletes to move in the most natural way possible and yield the most true-to-form results.
  • Uses a single, highly-portable camera you can bring on the field, court, pitch, or wherever your players do what they do best without compromising on accuracy. 

We can turn these needs into a solution. Learn how our motion capture system can give you advanced look into how to help your athletes increase swing velocity, reduce joint stress, or improve their stroke. 

Below is an example of how you can track the raw motion of an athlete stepping on a force plate.

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