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Changing time on the MPT computer

By default the MoCap software does not allow a user to modify time settings without escalating to root privileges. If you would like to allow a user to change the time without root privileges you will have to enter the following into a terminal; it will create a file with the setting to allow a user to modify time. Changes will be present upon reboot: 

sudo su -

cat > /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/10-settings.pkla << EOF

[user is allowed to modify settings]






If your machine is connected to the Internet, you can sync your computer software and hardware clock to network time by using the ntpdate and hwclock programs. Depending on your machine you may need to install these programs: 

sudo yum install util-linux ntpdate   

Once they are installed the software and hardware clock can be set by: 

sudo ntpdate -s

sudo hwclock -w   


If you need a copy of the MPT - High Field manual, click here to download.  

If you need a copy of the MPT - Series 2 manual, click here to download.

Graphing Windows Issues

Certain versions of the 1.3.0 MPT Tracking System have a bug when using the graphing windows.  When tracking one marker and another is put in its place and graphing stops. This replacement program will allow graphing to continue.  Do not replace this file unless you have experienced this issue. 

Please backup your original “DrawEKG” before copying this replacement to /Metria/Software/MPT_TrackingSystem/bin/

The following files pertain to MPT Tracking System version 1.3.0. To check your version from a terminal, type: 

sudo yum list MPT_TrackingSystem

If it does not say “MPT_TrackingSystem.x86_64 1.3.0,″ then you are not using version 1.3.0. UDPPacketStructureV4.h. This file has the C structure of the UDP packets that version 1.3.0 MPT Tracking System emits. 

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