Single-camera System Makes Inside-out Positional Tracking Possible
Virtual Reality Virtual reality is one of the biggest game-changers to come to the technology industry in recent years, especially when it comes to entertainment and simulated training. While these virtual reality programs create mind-blowing 3D environments, the user experience — and profitability of the product— depends on the camera and sensor system that created it.  

Most virtual reality systems rely on motion tracking data captured from sensors on the user's head and hands in order to generate an accurate picture in front of the user's eyes, tricking their brain into believing they are in an alternate place. With the camera on the outside looking in at the sensors on the user, a quick head turn or marker occlusion is all it takes for the system to freeze and require reload. In that split second, the user is thrown back into reality, most likely with a mild case of vertigo.   

Metria Innovation’s single camera system works in cooperation with specialized moiré phase tracking (MPT) markers provides uninterrupted and extremely accurate results. This single-camera technology makes it possible for virtual reality developers to use an inside-out approach where instead of the camera tracking the user’s movement, the camera is on the user, tracking the movement of the environment around them. No marker occlusion. No freezing. No vertigo.   

Metria’s MPT Series 2 camera system offers the virtual reality market:     

  • A lightweight and portable camera system that can be used in any environment where measurement is needed 
  • Factory-calibrated cameras and markers to decrease set up time and redefine the capabilities of on-location capture
  • Image processing algorithm can detect markers in noisy image spaces, indoors or outdoors, with natural or artificial light
  • Highly accurate measurement of marker angular orientation
  • Continuous data streaming for up to 650 6DoF measurements per second
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